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who we are.

the short: we're a bunch of miami girls on a mission to uplift women everywhere. the long: our team and our community are all about bettering themselves as women. every day. through compassion. we founded Flower Club from a need for encouragement during times of overwhelm–shifting careers, having babies, starting businesses, doing it "all" as women AND still trying to feel put together. 

our mission.

simply put, we're on a mission to help women feel like they're doing enough every day, in where they are, with what they have, all while encouraging them to grow as human beings. we believe that while you can't do it all, you can have it all the moment you start giving yourself more grace, the moment you feel understood by other women, and the moment you try and stretch outside your comfort zone (and grow!). 

about house of lilac.

founded by melanie fernandez in 2014, house of lilac is a flower company and Miami based shop focused on elevating every day life. they've made it their mission to make flowers more attainable for the modern day woman by focusing on educating the ease, simplicity, and happiness of floral decor in the home and small dinner parties. a self-taught florist (and former lawyer), her own personal growth journey through entrepreneurship and motherhood taught her that "it takes a village" and a whole lot of compassion to make it through the day to day as a woman. what started as a small community of women in miami has now turned to a national community of women on a mission to be better versions of themselves. 

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*2020 panels will be hosted in Miami, but don't fret. Additional panels will be hosted in other major cities in 2021 (announced winter 2020).


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